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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Dream Games Singapore Pte. Ltd., Dream Games Co., Ltd., Dream Games Vietnam Co., Ltd., and Dream Games Cambodia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter individually referred to as "a company" and collectively referred to as "the companies") are highly aware of the importance of protection of personal information and always strive to protect the personal information we obtain over the course of operations. the companies have established "Regulations on Personal Information Protection" and always comply with the regulations and are working to disseminate these regulations to all related individuals within the companies so that personal information is always handled in an appropriate manner. In addition, the regulations are reviewed and updated periodically, to ensure suitability for continual improvement.

2. Information Collection, Use, Sharing and Disclosure

Under the personal information management system, which is considered to be reasonable on the basis of business operation suitability, the companies will handle personal information in lawful and fair manner, abiding by the following rules.

3. Safety Measures

the companies have, and will continue to formulate safety measures such as security control, which has already been implemented, to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, tampering with or leaking of personal information.

4. Your Rights

the companies respect individuals' rights to personal information, and if any request to disclose, correct, delete, or to not use or provide their own personal information is made by an individual, the companies will respond to the request in an appropriate manner according to the normal social conventions and customs.

5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

the companies comply with all laws and many other regulations (not only, but including industry guidelines) regarding personal information, and conduct and maintain the "Personal Information Protection Compliance Program" possessed by the companies. In addition to, the companies periodically conduct internal audits and reviews, striving for improvement.

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